Don’t cap Indigenous opportunity.

Don’t cap Indigenous opportunity.

More than 100 First Nations communities, jobs, and businesses are at risk. For a decade, Indigenous communities have been working to become partners and owners in oil and gas projects.

On July 18, the federal government announced a plan to reduce emissions from the oil and gas sector by 42% in just eight years.

This Emissions cap will stop current and new oil and gas projects, putting billions of dollars of Indigenous equity and revenues at stake.

The federal government has pursued this policy without the consultation of First Nations and Metis communities and without our consent. Our Indigenous Communities must be involved in the decision as to what is environmentally responsible, ethical and economical.

The emissions cap takes that decision away from us.

It will stop Indigenous oil and gas projects, capping our ability to pursue economic self-determination, create generational wealth and our ability to address the poverty in our communities.

Canada is in an energy crisis. If the federal government stops projects because of an emissions cap, energy will have to be imported from elsewhere, meaning less supply and higher prices.

We know Indigenous natural gas projects can support Canada’s energy needs and replace coal in Asia’s electricity grid, lowering global emissions.

This cap puts energy security and Indigenous prosperity at risk.

Help us ensure that no policy is passed that will limit Indigenous oil and gas projects.

Don’t cap Indigenous opportunity!