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We are the voice of Indigenous workers

We are Workers. We are business owners. We are Community members. We are proudly Indigenous.

We want our communities to be fully engage in responsible resource development to provide opportunities for our workers and their families.

The Indigenous Resource Network supports responsible resource development when it is done to the highest environmental standards and benefits our people. We want to provide a more balanced and informed conversation about Indigenous involvement in resource development.

Who we are
The Indigenous Resource Network was established in May 2020 to provide a platform for Indigenous workers, business owners and leaders who support Indigenous engagement in the resource sector. We feel the public debate over resource development in Canada has become polarized and divisive. Yet the majority of people, Indigenous and non, want the same thing: to see environmentally responsible projects that have the consent and involvement of the communities most affected go ahead.

Telling our stories
We are not a formal membership organization. We support and amplify the voices and messages of other Indigenous workers, leaders and entrepreneurs who see strong Indigenous participation in resource development as an important avenue to improving the head and well-being of our people. Here are some of their stories:


Latest Updates

Time To Team Up: Creating Real Partnerships - Not Tokenism

The term partnership carries many meanings to many people. It is used to describe relationships, including both personal and business. I have used it for both, and most do. In this context, I sought to explore the term partnership in the context of business, and more specifically with Indigenous business....

Resource development, ownership essential for Indigenous progress

Enbridge's pipeline ownership agreement with 23 Indigenous nations is one example

Indigenous Resource Network Launches Ownership is Reconciliation Campaign

July 4, 2023 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Calgary, AB - The Indigenous Resource Network (IRN) is proud to unveil its latest "Ownership is Reconciliation" Campaign, marking a transformative shift in focus and rebrand from its original "Ownership Changes Everything" campaign.