Our Values

The Indigenous Resource Network is: 

  • About having a positive and non-partisan message

  • Respect for ourselves and for others

  • Focus on the stories and journeys of average workers, business owners and community members

  • Independence in our messaging

  • A safe space for Indigenous people to share their own stories

  • Honour differences between cultures, traditions, and protocols

  • Open and transparent

  • Avoid polarization and focus on balanced perspectives and solutions for moving forward

  • Provide credible information

  • Celebrate mutually beneficial partnerships between Indigenous communities and industry

  • Advocacy for fair and appropriate inclusion of Indigenous peoples in the resource projects that take place on our territories, including as workers, contractors, partners and equity owners

  • Advocacy for better and more responsible ways to get the materials that we need for transportation, shelter, food, health care, communications, and recreation.


Our Mandate

To provide a platform for Indigenous voices that are supportive of Indigenous participation in resource development.


Our 2023 Annual Report

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