Board Member

The Indigenous Resource Network (IRN) is soliciting interest to fill two vacancies on our Board of Directors. Applications will be open from now until September 1, 2023 at 12:00 am.

To be eligible for the IRN Board of Directors, the candidate must:

  • Must be a supporter and be registered with the Indigenous Resource Network*
  • Lived experience and knowledge of Indigenous Communities and realities are an asset
  • Must align with IRN Values, and have an established presence advocating for responsible resource development with Indigenous workers, businesses, and communities

Board member's duties include:

  • Ensure that the organization complies with appropriate laws, regulations, and obligations
  • Maintain or establish policies for governance, ethics, personnel, budget development, contracts and financial reporting
  • Monitor the budget to ensure resources are allocated according to organizational priorities
  • Ensure the sustainability of the organization
  • Conduct strategic planning
  • Guide the Executive Director, including and managing their performance
  • Represent the best interests of the organization which includes managing conflict of interest, ensuring a fiduciary duty, and duty of care
  • Attend regular (minimum quarterly) Board Meetings, including serving on at least one Committee (minimum) quarterly meetings)

The Indigenous Resource Network applies a competency framework to determine skills, qualifications and geographic interest are being represented. We are seeking people with the following skills, experience and from the following region(s):

  • Senior business leadership experience in the Canadian Natural Resource sector
  • Financial Management
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiatives
  • Corporate experience in one or more key industry sectors – Energy, Mining, Forestry, Fisheries, and Agriculture. Preference will be given to those in Eastern and Atlantic parts of Canada and within the Forestry and Fisheries sector

This is a volunteer opportunity that includes remuneration for attending board meetings.

Applications must be sent to [email protected] and include a CV, and a cover letter indicating the reason for fit and selection. Applications must be sent by the time listed above, and anything received after will not be considered.

*Register at