Indigenous Resource Network Launches Ownership is Reconciliation Campaign

Indigenous Resource Network Launches Ownership is Reconciliation Campaign

July 4, 2023


Calgary, AB - The Indigenous Resource Network (IRN) is proud to unveil its latest "Ownership is Reconciliation" Campaign, marking a transformative shift in focus and rebrand from its original "Ownership Changes Everything" campaign.

This new initiative aims to convey the compelling story of Indigenous ownership in resource projects, resonating with a diverse audience including social media, supporters, and fellow Indigenous organizations. "We initiated the 'Ownership Changes Everything' campaign to showcase the positive impact of Indigenous ownership in resource projects. The response has been overwhelming, with strong resonance among policy makers, industry, and Indigenous communities" shared John Desjarlais, Executive Director of IRN.

Central to the campaign's mission is enlightening Canadians about the pivotal role Indigenous ownership plays in advancing the path to reconciliation. As part of this campaign, IRN advocates for the formation of a National Indigenous Guaranteed Loan program, empowering Indigenous communities with crucial access to capital required for equitable participation in major projects nationwide. Desjarlais elaborated, stating, "While it may not be a cure for all of the issues we see in our communities, it is an essential step in revitalizing funding opportunities for Indigenous development. We are heartened by the industry's resounding support for a national program, as it de-risks projects and facilitates the vital capital Indigenous communities need to pursue ownership."

IRN invites all stakeholders, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, to join forces in promoting a future where reconciliation and resource development harmoniously converge, generating sustainable employment opportunities and fostering shared prosperity for all.


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